You Learn Mandarin Pronunciation
Most letters will be pronounced as in English with the exception of a few:
a: as in efatherf
ai: as in ehighf
ao: as in the eowf in ecowf
e: as in the euf in efurf
ei: as in the eeif in eweighf
i: as in the eeef in emeetf or like eoof in ebookf if after c, ch, r, s, sh, z, or zh.
ian: as in eyenf
ie: like the word eyeahf
o: as in eorf
ou: as the eoaf in eboatf
u: as in eflutef
ui: as in the word ewayf
uo: like a ewf followed by a eof
yu: as in the German ef
: as above
c: like the etsf in ebitsf
ch: as in echopf
h: as in ehayf
q: like the echf in echeesef
r: like the esf in epleasuref
sh: as in eshipf
x: as in the eshf in eshipf
z: like the edzf in thudsf
zh: like to ejf in judge
Hello: Ni hao
Good bye: zaijian
Thank you: Xiexie
You're welcome: Bukeqi
I'm sorry: Duibuqi
What's your name?: Nin guixing?
Where are you from? Ni shi cong nar laide?
No (don't have): Mei you
No (not so): Bushi
I don't understand: Wo fingbudong
Do you understand?: Dong ma?
Numbers 1-10
1: yi, yao
2: er, liang
3: san
4: si
5: wu
6: liu
7: qi
8: ba
9: jiu
10: shi